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An importer who stands for change.


We use our position to help farmers to be in charge of their own fates. We make our work fully visible and foster dialogue between everyone in the value chain - and between all our value chains.


 our farmer community :


1. No charity but equality.

More than ever, we can maintain an open dialogue directly with growers and understand each others’ needs. We don't donate money to charity or certification, but ask our partner growers how they want to develop and help them achieve these goals and become independent. Because our model benefits only those who bring value to the chain, there is more money to go round for those who need it most.

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2. 40 to 100% more farmer value, fully transparent.

Go and look in our s section. Because we're proud to show off who earns what, you won't find more transparency in the value chain than with This Side Up. We always provide a full breakdown of the price down to the payment to the farmer. Most importantly, because of our low overhead and high premiums, we end up paying farmers at least 40 and often around 100% more than market or even fair trade prices.

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3. Involving everyone.

This Side Up is in effect an informal network organisation spread all over the world, united in the common goal of empowering farmers. We bring together baristas, roasters, Q-graders and other experts on the one hand, with local agronomists, exporters, wet-mill managers and farmers on the other. Together we upgrade quality and create strong local brands, new products and services. We work like this simply because it creates the most sustainable and rewarding type of farmer development.

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4. Towards circular .

Our position in the middle of the value chain gives us great oversight on the entire system's sustainability. We found that by taking an active approach towards closing value and waste streams, we can enhance the social, economic and environmental impact of our premiums. Themes include upcycling byproducts, restoring biodiversity and activating the next generation of farmers. It's not easy to find a solid balance, but who are we not to try!

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Where can I find This Side Up s?

Since we only sell green beans, people often ask us where they can find our s as roasted beans. Here's a list of folks who work with This Side Up s. Visit their websites by clicking on the logos below.



This Side Up is proud to be a member of World Research. Visit our webshop to contribute very concretely to the future of arabica .


 Connect with us on facebook, email or instagram

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